by Vanmaere

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27.03.15 +Tiefgrund+Berlin+w/Itaca


released June 8, 2014



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Λanmaere Berlin, Germany

Λanmaere is a trip pop wave band based in Berlin.

Their music is defined by intense vocals, jagged bass lines and complex percussions.
The lyrics are highly ambiguous being existential and cryptic combined with a common bleakness.
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Track Name: paris

we made our peace in paris
i think love was out of sight
we´ve might been part of a world to begin

shipwrecked little tiny tulip
i wondered where you had gone
(to) the most seperated world again

(we travel the world)
we we´re messengers without love
just a fadeout of time

i once like your coffee and cakes
and you might have liked some arks
we took a catwalk for a promenade

the rivers seems full of us, now
the beggars kissed their elixir
it´s so precious, i can´t even hate it

(without love - without trust)
we we´re messengers without love
(without words - we travelled the world)
we we´re messengers without trust

without a common word
messengers without lust
just messengers

(let´s travel the world to feed our heart again
we´ll find us in the end)

if you travel the world

(i don´t bare anything you have got
you won´t give the home that i need)

we´re not the only one - we won´t be at all
you have to leave someone to feel what it´s worth

it´s all so different now coloured in shades

(find - i have seen the end)

let´s come clear what this is about
we´ll find in the end.
Track Name: miniatures of the sun
"miniatures of the sun"

part of soporific scene
the mouth full of dwarfs
it feeds like a swarm protein
instead of glucose

part of a soporific theme instant and false

now you don´t think that word
please first slow down your blood.

you hold the fire in my eyes
i dont see anything at once
which way to go down anyway
you,re a miniature of my sun

waiting for an empty screen to go down at first.
the hands are up already clean to pull out the purse

an you count your footprints

´cause you´ve drawn them lines
and while we speaking
you silly walk on free,

you´ve befallen me.
Track Name: little more heat
"little more heat"

how many roles i have to solve
before i am getting older
i,m full of desperate souls
that make me dim out

beyond my inner scarefull face
hides a happy hollow
who tries to catch a sold out thief
for a little more heat?

you've thrown yourself out
into the sun
awoken lizard
it has begun

how many turns and twists 'll i bent
to 'come someone wiser
its a cruel world getting dark
and darker by me

will i keep passing by my dears
will i just stay and have none
it's cold for a single break
a little obsolete

find a little one
to find endless love
to find a little one again
to find a little love

you have to get strong
promise me
and you have to be weak in the right moment
Track Name: miasma

now, after all i still insist that it is on
restless calm spreads out through my pupil

you know i feel like you alike

but feels so warm
so warm to stay here

you were my hero I´ll always like
if only you´d see me on your side
i quote the law as true as no one´s done before

i feel cold
i feel colder inside

no one has called me a no one to wake up
i feel like hibernating

i wanted everything painted
in its true dark shape
until i´ve just found out
that shape is just fake but colourful itself

warm heart be wise
don't lie on me

hold my lights/dreams//all my vein
you are a sign to die for

light.when i need warmth
i need the warmth of you
i feel like hibernating
Track Name: laburnum

you´re the sun of my heart
we will never tear us apart

i should implode in your perfume
it surrounds me so i may will
surround you

following you straight down to the river

we´ll make the moonrise

eternally - just again to be with you

confirm and stirred up
confirm and stir up, my friend

and you´re my daytime warming light
you are the flanking ice floe
all I say is that you love me
all I feel is made for me inside

encountering me in you
but i feels not quite safe to me
your eyes are closed as you're waiting
for a melody

ya ya ya you
confirm and stirr up
confirm and stirr up

if i always remind you of an imperfect psalm
it´s just to diminish my fears

and all my wishes should serve you
if you have to choose wisely

the prose divides us
Track Name: the vigil
"the vigil"

turn although we are not freed, ain´t freed anymore
you hide at frames to disappear at once

you´re fitting perfectly this in some vacuum needs
faking words stabbing through the half-light, too

you are all for me
your are perfect for me

your fingers used to shape me
and urge expresses it that bravely now

the only part of you, i need of you, seems to me like
a pipeline infecting you in my head

my fingers needs touch you
my mouth needs to kiss you
finish the gone days at least
Track Name: march of the goats
"march of the goats"

i nestle in some spared
the dead of the endless night
a collage of themes i hate
i hate that you keep right

as an opposition of my mind
the alternation hangs at the barb

i take your grief as fair
back off till tonight.
take all my chance with you
to get the sense meanwhile

don´t insult the lure tonight.
may be he could feel like you