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you´re the sun of my heart
we will never tear us apart

i should implode in your perfume
it surrounds me so i may will
surround you

following you straight down to the river

we´ll make the moonrise

eternally - just again to be with you

confirm and stirred up
confirm and stir up, my friend

and you´re my daytime warming light
you are the flanking ice floe
all I say is that you love me
all I feel is made for me inside

encountering me in you
but i feels not quite safe to me
your eyes are closed as you're waiting
for a melody

ya ya ya you
confirm and stirr up
confirm and stirr up

if i always remind you of an imperfect psalm
it´s just to diminish my fears

and all my wishes should serve you
if you have to choose wisely

the prose divides us


from mimicry, released June 8, 2014



all rights reserved


Λanmaere Berlin, Germany

Λanmaere is a trip pop wave band based in Berlin.

Their music is defined by intense vocals, jagged bass lines and complex percussions.
The lyrics are highly ambiguous being existential and cryptic combined with a common bleakness.
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