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we made our peace in paris
i think love was out of sight
we´ve might been part of a world to begin

shipwrecked little tiny tulip
i wondered where you had gone
(to) the most seperated world again

(we travel the world)
we we´re messengers without love
just a fadeout of time

i once like your coffee and cakes
and you might have liked some arks
we took a catwalk for a promenade

the rivers seems full of us, now
the beggars kissed their elixir
it´s so precious, i can´t even hate it

(without love - without trust)
we we´re messengers without love
(without words - we travelled the world)
we we´re messengers without trust

without a common word
messengers without lust
just messengers

(let´s travel the world to feed our heart again
we´ll find us in the end)

if you travel the world

(i don´t bare anything you have got
you won´t give the home that i need)

we´re not the only one - we won´t be at all
you have to leave someone to feel what it´s worth

it´s all so different now coloured in shades

(find - i have seen the end)

let´s come clear what this is about
we´ll find in the end.


from mimicry, released June 8, 2014



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Λanmaere Berlin, Germany

Λanmaere is a trip pop wave band based in Berlin.

Their music is defined by intense vocals, jagged bass lines and complex percussions.
The lyrics are highly ambiguous being existential and cryptic combined with a common bleakness.
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